Why ANE?

  • 30 years experience as project manager/consultant to the Man‑made River Project.  The Project involved more than 200 international companies, construction companies, engineering design companies, suppliers and manufacturers during its implementation which commenced in 1984.

  • Experience of recruitment and employment of skilled National and International multi cultural staff ensuring a high quality of work and technology transfer.

  • Standard international company procedures to ensure transparency and work quality.

  • Use of modern Project Management systems and tools.

  • Experience in managing the engineering of highly complex projects.

  • We bring solutions for complex construction projects to achieve completion of the project on time and within budget.

  • We set up and control site safety systems to ensure that projects are run safely and that the environment is protected.

  • We provide Training and Development for Client staff to run and control the project using their own staff.  Including the involvement of client staff during the implementation of the project (Engineering, Contract Management, Materials Management, Quality Assurance, Cost Control and Planning and Scheduling).